Games and Sports


Games & Sports Yearly Planner 2016 -17


1 April2016

13 may 2016


Class wise and category wise (u-14, 17, 1-9) selection trials for team games and individual games.INTER HOUSE COMPETITIONS FOR REGIONAL MEET selection basic skills development.

14 may 2016

30 may 2016

 Coaching camp for team and individual games, training of sports for selected participants games – Kabaddi (Boys / Girls) ATHLETICS, CHESS, BADMINTON, TUG OF WAR, THROW BALL. 

22 JUNE 2016

15 JULY 2016

Training and Practice of All selected teams, class wise matches, category wise practice matches, and Final selection of all teams for regional.

16 JULY 2016

31 JULY 2016

Tactics and strategy of all teams for regional sports meet. Practice matches between junior and senior teams completions of eligibility 4 NOC.    

1 AUG 2016

30 AUG 2016



1 SEP 2016

30 OCT 2016

KVS National Sports meet, SGFI meet, Practice of selected students for SGFI 4 KVS national Practice of primary student is for   cluster level mini sports meet.

1 NOV 2016

22 DEC 2016

Final selection of primary students for cluster level mini sports meet.

Practice of selected student for SGFI meet and open National Sports Meet.

13 JAN 2016

FEB 2016

Practice for all classes from VI to XII

Rest and Recovery period for all sports students.